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Eureka Wearmax Grinding Industries Inc. is comprised of 3 distinct divisions: Eureka Tool Steel Welding Products, Ltd., Eureka Grinding Industries, Ltd. and Eureka Wearmax Plate div. Please take a moment to browse through the services that each of our divisions has to offer.

Eureka Welding

When it comes to tools and dies, Eureka filler metals and technology will yield optimum results each and every time. Our technical staff is available to assist you on a daily basis. Please utilize their expertise.

The purpose of the Eureka Tool Steel Filler Metal Selector Guide is to dispel the notion that one welding alloy performs in all applications. The fact is, that tool steels are differentiated by varying chemical compositions and heat treatments which impart a wide range of properties, such as: strength, toughness, wear resistance, and red hardness, etc. Engineers and operators that have a sound fundamental understanding of the physical and mechanical properties of the tools and dies that are used in specific operations will automatically make more intelligent filler metal selections.